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Vengeance is Mine

Vengeance is Mine Fmovies

Harry is a broken man, struggling to come to terms with the murder of his wife and daughter 5 years previously. When he discovers the whereabouts of the killers he awakens from his grief and, like an avenging angel, resolves to never stop until they are all dead.

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Vengeance is Mine review

The film Vengeance is Mine 123movies ran for 79 minutes, but it seemed that only minutes passed, I always regret it when such wonderful life stories come to an end.

In genre Action, Thriller, this film clearly stands out against the background of others, as a true representative of an important and interesting direction in cinema.

Hadi Hajaig, as always, on top, in this film he was able to tell an ordinary story so multifaceted that the viewer believed each character unconditionally.

An excellent year for world cinema, and this film is a vivid confirmation of this, all Anton Saunders, Caitlin Innes Edwards, Con O'Neill, Perry Jacques, Philip Bulcock, Robin Hellier, Sarah-Jane Potts gave their best, relying on their professionalism.