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A chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II.

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Unbroken review

137 min minutes have not been in vain, Unbroken 123movies is the best movie I`ve seen in recent years, thanks to the famously twisted plot and realistic acting.

It`s not easy to play in the genre, but the cast of the film coped with this task perfectly, I completely believed and was imbued with this difficult story.

Only Angelina Jolie can make such a high-quality film in my favorite genre, just an incredible person with a deep perception of human feelings.

An excellent year for world cinema, and this film is a vivid confirmation of this, all Akira Fujii, Alex Russell, Andy de Lore, Beau Paley, Ben Rossberg, Brodie Henson, C.J. Valleroy, Chris Proctor, Clay Zamperini, Connor Clarke, Connor Zegenhagen, Conor Fogarty, Craig Walker, Darren Gallagher, Darren Wyer, Domhnall Gleeson, Dougal Walker, Dylan James Watson, Finn Wittrock, Garrett Hedlund, Graeme Ford, Hiroshi Kasuga, Hisa Goto, Jack Alcock, Jack Marshall, Jack O'Connell, Jai Courtney, James McEnery, James Storer, Jess Terrell, Joel Knights, John D'Leo, John Magaro, John Michael Burdon, Jordan Patrick Smith, Katsu Nojiri, Keiichi Enomoto, Kent Lee, Kristopher Bos, Louis McIntosh, Luke Treadaway, Maddalena Ischiale, Marcus Vanco, Mathew Hislop, Matt Clayton, Matt Hurley, Matthew Crocker, Matthew McConnell, Michael Whalley, Mitch Christen, Miyavi, Morgan Griffin, Nicholas Farris, Ross Anderson, Ross Langley, Ryan Ahern, Sarah Alison, Savannah Lamble, Sean Edward Frazer, Sean O'Donnell, Sean-Ryan Petersen, Shane Leckenby, Shingo Usami, Shinji Ikefuji, Sophie Dalah, Spencer Lofranco, Stefan Mogel, Stephen J. Douglas, Stephen Stanton, Steven Carnuccio, Taka Uematsu, Taki Abe, Talia Mano, Toby Fuller, Travis Jeffery, Vincenzo Amato, Yoji Tatsuta, Yoshinao Aonuma, Yutaka Izumihara gave their best, relying on their professionalism.