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Through My Window

Through My Window Fmovies

Raquel’s longtime crush on her next-door neighbor turns into something more when he starts developing feelings for her, despite his family’s objections.

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Through My Window review

Through My Window 123movies looked in the same breath for 112 minutes, I was captivated by this extraordinary story with several plot lines united by one idea.

I regret not having watched this wonderful film before, such an interesting story about wonderful people, perfectly revealed with the help of my favorite genre Drama, Romance.

I love how Marçal Forés was able to confuse the viewer so coolly that the ending turned out to be really unexpected and memorable.

On the set of the film, my favorite Clara Galle, Emilia Lazo, Eric Masip, Guillermo Lasheras, Hugo Arbues, Julio Peña, Maria Casals, Natalia Azahara, Pilar Castro, Rachel Lascar gathered, and it was worth it, it turned out to be a wonderful symbiosis of charisma and sensuality.