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The Toll

The Toll

A socially awkward driver and a weary passenger they try to make it to their destination while being haunted by a supernatural threat.

The Toll review

The Toll 123movies is one of the most interesting and exciting films in recent years, which I wanted to watch without stopping, throughout all 78 minutes.

I do not regret at all that I chose to watch this film, I have not seen such a worthy representative of my favorite genre Thriller for a long time.

Michael Nader has released another film masterpiece, and this film simply cannot but please the viewer, the incomparable acting and incredible atmosphere.

An excellent year for world cinema, and this film is a vivid confirmation of this, all James McGowan, Jess Brown, Jordan Hayes, Max Topplin, Nicole Power, Pamela MacDonald, Rosemary Dunsmore, Sarah Camacho, Sean Sullivan, Shaina Silver-Baird gave their best, relying on their professionalism.