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The Souvenir Part II

The Souvenir Part II Fmovies

In the aftermath of her tumultuous relationship with a charismatic and manipulative older man, Julie begins to untangle her fraught love for him in making her graduation film, sorting fact from his elaborately constructed fiction.

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The Souvenir Part II review

For 106 minutes, I sincerely worried about the fate of each hero of this wonderful film The Souvenir Part II 123movies, and the ending did not disappoint me at all.

The talented actors in the lead roles just perfectly coped with their difficult task, turning the film into a real masterpiece of the Drama genre.

Joanna Hogg, as always, on top, in this film he was able to tell an ordinary story so multifaceted that the viewer believed each character unconditionally.

Alice McMillan, Amber Anderson, Ariane Labed, Charlie Heaton, Harris Dickinson, Honor Swinton Byrne, Jack McMullen, Joe Alwyn, Richard Ayoade, Tilda Swinton were completely organic in their difficult roles, thanks to which the film was highly appreciated even by sophisticated moviegoers.