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The Electric Man

The Electric Man Fmovies

When Trace McNeil experiences a 12,000 volt shock, his life becomes a psychedelic blur of reality and fantasy in this science fiction drama.

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The Electric Man review

The Electric Man 123movies is an example of an ideal film product that can captivate the viewer for 0 minutes, while each moment is unique and unexpected.

Careful viewing of the film made me think, the story of the characters was very hooked, in the genre of Fantasy such a film immediately stands out from the others.

The best year in the career of B. Luciano Barsuglia, only a real genius is capable of creating such a masterpiece, and it has proved its high status in the world of cinema.

Emotional and sensual, Eric Roberts, James Di Giacomo, Jed Rowen, Tom Sizemore, Vernon Wells are embodied in their heroes with their inherent true talent and dedication, the result is a finished film masterpiece.