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Star Trek: Nemesis

Star Trek: Nemesis

En route to the honeymoon of William Riker to Deanna Troi on her home planet of Betazed, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise receives word from Starfleet that a coup has resulted in the installation of a new Romulan political leader, Shinzon, who claims to seek peace with the human-backed United Federation of Planets. Once in enemy territory, the captain and his crew make a startling discovery: Shinzon is human, a slave from the Romulan sister planet of Remus, and has a secret, shocking relationship to Picard himself.

Star Trek: Nemesis review

117 min minutes feel like a few minutes if you carefully observe the heroes of such a masterpiece of modern cinema as the film Star Trek: Nemesis 123movies.

It\'s not easy to play in the Best Action, Best Adventure, Best Sci-Fi, Star Trek genre, but the cast of the film coped with this task perfectly, I completely believed and was imbued with this difficult story.

The best year in the career of Stuart Baird, only a real genius is capable of creating such a masterpiece, and it has proved its high status in the world of cinema.

They made this film emotional and meaningful, Alan Dale, Brent Spiner, Bryan Singer, David Ralphe, Dina Meyer, Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes, Kate Mulgrew, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Patrick Stewart, Ron Perlman, Shannon Cochran, Stuart Baird, Tom Hardy, Whoopi Goldberg, Wil Wheaton really did a great job of their roles, becoming one with the charismatic characters.