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When a massive biotech company sues a farmer because of their genetically modified seeds have blown into his field, a fight is on between big business and the little guy.

Percy review

Never before have I spent so interesting 109 minutes as watching the amazing story told in the captivating film Percy 123movies.

In genre Drama, this film clearly stands out against the background of others, as a true representative of an important and interesting direction in cinema.

Clark Johnson knows how to work with the attention of the viewer, the film turned out to be bright and memorable, thanks to the excellent work of a talented person.

Adam Beach, Andrea del Campo, Blake Taylor, Christina Ricci, Christopher Walken, Luke Kirby, Martin Donovan, Roberta Maxwell, Zach Braff, Zoe Fish were completely organic in their difficult roles, thanks to which the film was highly appreciated even by sophisticated moviegoers.

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