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A hedonistic soccer mom embarks on a strange journey of self-discovery, seeking to reconnect with her estranged son by returning his pet rock back to the island of Menorca, Spain.

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Menorca review

81 min minutes have never passed as fast and dynamic as when watching the gorgeous movie Menorca 123movies, with an unexpected twist at the very end.

In genre , this film clearly stands out against the background of others, as a true representative of an important and interesting direction in cinema.

John Barnard has released another film masterpiece, and this film simply cannot but please the viewer, the incomparable acting and incredible atmosphere.

In the film, you can see the popular and talented Aaron Merke, Bryan Myskiw, Dorothy Carroll, Janna Dilts, Jason Wishnowski, Krystle Snow, Logan Creran, Matilde Muñiz, Michael O'Sullivan, Nathan Rogers, Noah Barnard, Sheila Campbell, Talia Pura, Tammy Gillis, Trevor Kristjanson, whose unsurpassed performance won the hearts of true connoisseurs of high-quality cinema.