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Mayday Fmovies

An unusual storm is approaching, and it’s about to change everything for Ana. After a short circuit at her workplace mysteriously transports her to an alternate world, she meets a crew of female soldiers caught in an endless war. Along a strange and rugged coastline, men face the stark truth lurking behind damsels who appear to be in distress. Under the leadership of Marsha, Ana trains as a sharpshooter and discovers a newfound freedom in this uninhibited sisterhood. She soon senses she may not be the ruthless killer they expect, though, and time is running out for her to find a path home.

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Mayday review

Mayday 123movies is one of the most interesting and exciting films in recent years, which I wanted to watch without stopping, throughout all 100 minutes.

I do not regret at all that I chose to watch this film, I have not seen such a worthy representative of my favorite genre Action, Drama, Fantasy for a long time.

Karen Cinorre paid special attention to the talents of the actors so that they looked organically in their roles and the viewer could believe them unconditionally.

In the film, you can see the popular and talented Frano Mašković, Grace Van Patten, Havana Rose Liu, Hyoie O'Grady, Juliette Lewis, Mia Goth, Nathaniel Allen, Soko, Théodore Pellerin, Zlatko Burić, whose unsurpassed performance won the hearts of true connoisseurs of high-quality cinema.