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It Follows

It Follows Fmovies

For 19-year-old Jay, fall should be about school, boys and weekends out at the lake. But a seemingly innocent physical encounter turns sour and gives her the inescapable sense that someone, or something, is following her. Faced with this burden, Jay and her teenage friends must find a way to escape the horror that seems to be only a few steps behind.

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It Follows review

It Follows 123movies is an example of an ideal film product that can captivate the viewer for 101 min minutes, while each moment is unique and unexpected.

The talented actors in the lead roles just perfectly coped with their difficult task, turning the film into a real masterpiece of the genre.

Among the extensive filmography of David Robert Mitchell, I want to note this particular creation of his, a truly true and unique masterpiece of world cinema.

Having reincarnated into such interesting characters, Alexyss Spradlin, Bailey Spry, Caitlin Burt, Carollette Phillips, Charles Gertner, Christopher Hohman, Claire Sloma, D.J. Oliver, Daniel Zovatto, Debbie Williams, Don Hails, Ele Bardha, Heather Fairbanks, Ingrid Mortimer, Jake Weary, Joanna Bronson, Keir Gilchrist, Kourtney Bell, Leisa Pulido, Lili Sepe, Linda Boston, Loren Bass, Maika Monroe, Mike Lanier, Olivia Luccardi, Rich Vreeland, Ruby Harris, Scott Norman, Vincent Hogarth proved their stellar status, the film turned out to be unusually exciting and uncommon.