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Power Rangers Season 17 Episode 32

Power Rangers Season 17 Episode 32

Dr. K. develops another virus to counter the Venjix virus, but it must be inserted into Venjix himself in order to be activated. Tenaya agrees to insert the virus into the Venjix network. Despite being short a few members, the remaining Rangers vow to soldier on before Venjix can regroup his armies. Gem and Gemma return with help from Dr. K. Venjix is destroyed when Gem and Gemma destroy the support beams to the Command Center and drop it onto Venjix. The Earth is now safe for humanity to live and prosper once more. In the last scene, red light appears in Ranger Red’s morpher, hinting at Venjix’s survival.

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Serie: Power Rangers

Episode Title: Danger and Destiny (2)

Air Date: 2009-12-26

Year: 2009