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Doctor Doctor Season 5 Episode 1

Doctor Doctor Season 5 Episode 1

One year has passed; Whyhope has fallen into catastrophe having been hit with drought, bushfires, and floods, and to make matters worse, the hospital is under lockdown due to an outbreak of asbestos, while patients have been evacuated. Adamant that the hospital will remain closed, Hugh decides to return to Sydney. Charlie and Matt return from Germany when they discover that the Brewery has received negative reviews online. Hayley learns that it was Charlie who wrote the reviews, without Matt’s knowledge, so that she could come home. Sharna Bahit arrives in Whyhope when the town is under investigation for corruption, and announces her appointment as Council Administrator, dismissing the entire council.

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Serie: Doctor Doctor


Guest Star: Benjamin O'Connell, Bradley Anderson, Brenden Lovett, Chantelle Jamieson, Coco Jack Gillies, Darren McMullen, Duncan Ragg, Emma Kew, Georgia Corlett, Jackie Hamilton, Marshall Napier, Patrick Wilson, Poppy Corlett, Rajan Velu, Tara Brown, Zoe Ventoura

Episode Title: To Me, To You

Air Date: 2021-04-28

Year: 2021