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Creepshow Season 3 Episode 3

Creepshow Season 3 Episode 3 Fmovies

An art collector purchases the last painting from an artist famous for creating terrifying works, but he never anticipated the ways the painting would change his life. Life in prison is tough, and Elmer’s pet spiders make him an easy target on the cell block. Luckily, when Elmer reaches a breaking point, he knows at least his 8-legged friends will have his back.

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Serie: Creepshow

Director: ,

Guest Star: Brandon Quinn, Deborah Bowman, Gina Hiraizumi, Glenn Magee, Jackson Beals, Jade Fernandez, Joe Ando-Hirsh, Kenny Alfonso, Nate Andrade, Nic Starr, Nicholas Massouh, Tony Demil

Episode Title: The Last Tsuburaya / Ok I'll Bite

Air Date: 2021-10-07

Year: 2021