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Death of a Telemarketer

Death of a Telemarketer Fmovies

A smooth-talking telemarketer finds himself at the mercy of the man he tried to swindle.

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Death of a Telemarketer review

Death of a Telemarketer 123movies is one of the most interesting and exciting films in recent years, which I wanted to watch without stopping, throughout all 88 minutes.

Unconventional and memorable, these words are the first that come to mind when you want to describe this film, in the genre of Comedy, Thriller, it is really special.

Khaled Ridgeway knows how to work with the attention of the viewer, the film turned out to be bright and memorable, thanks to the excellent work of a talented person.

They made this film emotional and meaningful, Alisha Wainwright, Gil Ozeri, Haley Joel Osment, Ian Verdun, Jackie Earle Haley, Lamorne Morris, Matt McGorry, Starletta DuPois, Sujata Day, Woody McClain really did a great job of their roles, becoming one with the charismatic characters.