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Cold Pursuit

Cold Pursuit

Nels Coxman’s quiet life comes crashing down when his beloved son dies under mysterious circumstances. His search for the truth soon becomes a quest for revenge as he seeks coldblooded justice against a drug lord and his inner circle.

Cold Pursuit review

Never before have I spent so interesting 118 min minutes as watching the amazing story told in the captivating film Cold Pursuit 123movies.

The director created a real masterpiece in the genre of Action, Best Action 2019, Best Thriller 2019, Drama, Featured movies, Thriller, it is absolutely different from other films and is remembered by the viewer for its well-thought-out storylines.

Hans Petter Moland, as always, on top, in this film he was able to tell an ordinary story so multifaceted that the viewer believed each character unconditionally.

Bradley Stryker, Domenick Lombardozzi, Emmy Rossum, Laura Dern, Liam Neeson, Michael Eklund, Micheal Richardson, Nicholas Holmes, Tom Bateman, Wesley MacInnes know how to surprise the viewer, in this film they tried on such bold images that I was left in complete admiration for their complete transformation.