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Christmas Pen Pals

Christmas Pen Pals Fmovies

Following an unexpected breakup weeks before Christmas, Hannah, tech wiz and creator of the dating app, Perfect One, heads home for the holidays, challenged to save her failing business by re-conceiving a new romantic dating model. Upon her return she runs into her high school boyfriend, Sam, who she has carefully avoided for years and reluctantly makes a deal with her dad to sign up for the town’s Christmas Cupid, an anonymous holiday pen pal service. As the season progresses, Hannah is smitten by each beautifully written letter she receives and starts to believe that her Christmas pen pal could be her soul mate.

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Christmas Pen Pals review

120 min minutes feel like a few minutes if you carefully observe the heroes of such a masterpiece of modern cinema as the film Christmas Pen Pals 123movies.

The talented actors in the lead roles just perfectly coped with their difficult task, turning the film into a real masterpiece of the Romance genre.

Finally I got to this work of my favorite director Siobhan Devine, and this film is really worth all the praise, the atmosphere is simply mesmerizing.

Cardi Wong, Chiara Zanni, Christine Willes, Giles Panton, Latonya Williams, Michael Gross, Naika Toussaint, Niall Matter, Sarah Drew, Vincent Dangerfield were completely organic in their difficult roles, thanks to which the film was highly appreciated even by sophisticated moviegoers.