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Choose or Die

Choose or Die Fmovies

In pursuit of an unclaimed $125,000 prize, a broke college dropout decides to play an obscure, 1980s survival computer game. But the game curses her, and she’s faced with dangerous choices and reality-warping challenges. After a series of unexpectedly terrifying moments, she realizes she’s no longer playing for the money but for her life.

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Choose or Die review

Choose or Die 123movies is one of the most interesting and exciting films in recent years, which I wanted to watch without stopping, throughout all 84 minutes.

The director created a real masterpiece in the genre of Drama, Horror, Thriller, it is absolutely different from other films and is remembered by the viewer for its well-thought-out storylines.

Only Toby Meakins can make such a high-quality film in my favorite genre, just an incredible person with a deep perception of human feelings.

Angela Griffin, Asa Butterfield, Eddie Marsan, Iola Evans, Ionna Kimbook, Joe Bolland, Kate Fleetwood, Robert Englund, Ryan Gage, Silvana Montoya know how to surprise the viewer, in this film they tried on such bold images that I was left in complete admiration for their complete transformation.