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Children of Paradise

Children of Paradise

Filmed during the German occupation, this French milestone centers around the theatrical life of a beautiful courtesan and the four men who love her. Voted the “Best French Film in History” by the French Film Academy in 1990.

Children of Paradise review

Children of Paradise 123movies is an example of an ideal film product that can captivate the viewer for 191 minutes, while each moment is unique and unexpected.

An interesting plot, which is impossible to unravel to the end, that is what I liked about this film, which is a prominent representative of the Best Romance, Drama, Romance genre.

Marcel Carné, Pierre Blondy knows how to work with the attention of the viewer, the film turned out to be bright and memorable, thanks to the excellent work of a talented person.

Emotional and sensual, Arletty, Fabien Loris, Gaston Modot, Jane Marken, Jean-Louis Barrault, Louis Salou, Marcel Herrand, María Casares, Pierre Brasseur, Pierre Renoir are embodied in their heroes with their inherent true talent and dedication, the result is a finished film masterpiece.

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