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In need of creative inspiration, a professionally stagnant and hard-partying Los Angeles artist recklessly indulges in a series of drug binges. As the narcotics fly out of control, so does her newfound and inexplicable, yet unquenchable, craving for blood.

Bliss review

The film Bliss 123movies ran for 80 min minutes, but it seemed that only minutes passed, I always regret it when such wonderful life stories come to an end.

It\'s not easy to play in the Best Horror 2019, Horror genre, but the cast of the film coped with this task perfectly, I completely believed and was imbued with this difficult story.

Joe Begos, as always, on top, in this film he was able to tell an ordinary story so multifaceted that the viewer believed each character unconditionally.

Abraham Benrubi, Chris McKenna, Dora Madison, Erin Braswell, George Wendt, Graham Skipper, Jackson Birnbaum, Jeremy Gardner, Jesse Merlin, Josh Ethier, Kristin Lorenz, Mark Beltzman, Matt Mercer, Rachel Avery, Rhys Wakefield, Simone Wasserman, Susan Slaughter, Tru Collins, Zoe Cooper know how to surprise the viewer, in this film they tried on such bold images that I was left in complete admiration for their complete transformation.