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Amityville Uprising

Amityville Uprising Fmovies

A chemical blast at a military base sets off a supernatural disaster. As Sgt. Dash tries to keep the peace at the local police station, the explosion unleashes a toxic acid rain that dissolves the flesh of anyone trapped in it. Even worse, it causes the dead to rise again and attack the living. Can Dash and fellow officer Nina Rossi figure out who is friend and foe, fend off the attacks, and defend their colleagues until the savage cataclysm subsides?

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Amityville Uprising review

0 minutes feel like a few minutes if you carefully observe the heroes of such a masterpiece of modern cinema as the film Amityville Uprising 123movies.

Unconventional and memorable, these words are the first that come to mind when you want to describe this film, in the genre of Action, Horror, Thriller, it is really special.

The cast of the film knew the high demands of the Thomas J. Churchill, so everyone played their roles to the maximum, the result was a wonderful film work.

The creative script of the film was skillfully implemented on the set by the talented Aleksandra Zorich Hunt, Joycelyne Lew, Kelly Lynn Reiter, Michael Cervantes, Michael Gaglio, Mike Ferguson, Scott C. Roe, Tank Jones, Thomas J. Churchill, Troy Fromin, who completely got used to such complex roles.