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Amityville in the Hood

Amityville in the Hood Fmovies

An Eastside gang uses the Amityville property to grow marijuana when they are attacked by a rival gang and their drugs stolen. Soon, it’s unleashed on the Westside streets of Compton, where anyone who smokes it suffers one KILLER buzz.

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Amityville in the Hood review

Never before have I spent so interesting 70 minutes as watching the amazing story told in the captivating film Amityville in the Hood 123movies.

Careful viewing of the film made me think, the story of the characters was very hooked, in the genre of Horror such a film immediately stands out from the others.

Dustin Ferguson, as always, on top, in this film he was able to tell an ordinary story so multifaceted that the viewer believed each character unconditionally.

''Knife'' Sotelo, Christopher Bryan Gomez, D.T. Carney, Dustin Ferguson, Hector Gomez Jr., Jennifer Nangle, John R. Walker, Joshua Moomey, Pat Kusnadi, Shawn C. Phillips know how to surprise the viewer, in this film they tried on such bold images that I was left in complete admiration for their complete transformation.