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American Sicario

American Sicario Fmovies

The story of the rise and fall of the first American-born drug lord in Mexico, this tale of power, money, greed and betrayal amongst rival members of the drug cartels finds American gangster Erik Vasquez scheming to become the top dog in the Mexican underworld, only to find himself making enemies out of both the powerful cartels and his own allies.

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American Sicario review

American Sicario 123movies is one of the most interesting and exciting films in recent years, which I wanted to watch without stopping, throughout all 90 minutes.

An interesting plot, which is impossible to unravel to the end, that is what I liked about this film, which is a prominent representative of the Action, Crime genre.

RJ Collins knows how to work with the attention of the viewer, the film turned out to be bright and memorable, thanks to the excellent work of a talented person.

They made this film emotional and meaningful, Danny Trejo, David A. Lockhart, Dionysio Basco, Jaylen Moore, Johnny Rey Diaz, Maurice Compte, Maya Stojan, Philippe A. Haddad, Robert Arevalo really did a great job of their roles, becoming one with the charismatic characters.