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Trekking the 3000-mile journey from Shanghai to the Himalayan snowscapes, a group of misfits encounter a young Yeti named Everest, and they set off to reunite the magical creature with his family on the mountain of his namesake.

Abominable review

Abominable 123movies looked in the same breath for 92 min minutes, I was captivated by this extraordinary story with several plot lines united by one idea.

An interesting plot, which is impossible to unravel to the end, that is what I liked about this film, which is a prominent representative of the Adventure, Animation, Best 2019, Best Family 2019, Comedy, Family genre.

Among the extensive filmography of Jill Culton, Jody Blose, I want to note this particular creation of his, a truly true and unique masterpiece of world cinema.

Having reincarnated into such interesting characters, Albert Tsai, Chloe Bennet, Eddie Izzard, Michelle Wong, Sarah Paulson, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Tsai Chin proved their stellar status, the film turned out to be unusually exciting and uncommon.

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