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3 Tickets to Paradise

3 Tickets to Paradise

AJ Parker, her ex-husband and a federal agent head for a ghost town in Mexico called Paradise in search for a hidden cache of 5000 stolen double eagle $20 gold coins.

3 Tickets to Paradise review

3 Tickets to Paradise 123movies looked in the same breath for 87 minutes, I was captivated by this extraordinary story with several plot lines united by one idea.

Unconventional and memorable, these words are the first that come to mind when you want to describe this film, in the genre of Action, Western, it is really special.

I love how Dominic López, Isaac Piche was able to confuse the viewer so coolly that the ending turned out to be really unexpected and memorable.

They made this film emotional and meaningful, Jeffrey Bentley, Joe Bell, Martin Kove, Michelle Manhart really did a great job of their roles, becoming one with the charismatic characters.